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why do we do what we do?

wolfpack is a carefully curated shop that carries clothing, art, home goods & gifts that are ethical & sustainable. our mission is to educate and empower people to make consumer decisions that are better for the environment, humanity, and the local and global economy. 

when you support wolfpack, you’re not just supporting us. your decision to buy from a conscious company has real consequences on real people’s lives. when you support wolfpack you’re also supporting better working rights for people all across the world in the garment industry. you’re supporting all the other small businesses, artists, & makers that we buy from, majority of which are woman owned businesses. you’re also supporting the better care and keeping of the environment. at wolfpack we believe in respecting and protecting the earth and all its people.

wolfpack is more than just a shop - it's a mindset. it's looking out for one another, it's taking responsibility, it's accepting that we are all beholden to our earth and our fellow human kind. because the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. 


why are our prices higher?

in case this is unclear, because we are an ethical business.  let us explain:
you can get a $5 t-shirt from target or forever 21 because they are paying people overseas in cramped factories only pennies a day to make their cheap t-shirt. that t-shirt may be cheap for you, but it costs someone a lot along the way, and usually that person is someone suffering from unfair labor practices in another country.

at wolfpack, we don't do things that way. we buy only from companies that pay their employees a living wage. we buy from artists hand making their goods in the USA. we buy from small businesses using the best materials. that means our goods are going to cost more. that's just how it works.

but we think respecting our fellow human beings is worth the extra cost.

and we think you'll find the quality of the goods are worth it too.