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if you're anything like us, before you buy from a company you want to know who you're supporting. we get that, and that's basically the heart behind wolfpack. so allow us to introduce ourselves:
this is me and my dog Timberwolf. my name is Katherine (she/her), and I own wolfpack. I'm the one sending the emails, taking the photos, packaging your orders, making relationships with the small businesses and artists we buy from, updating the website, and vacuuming up Timberwolf's hair in the shop. Timberwolf (also known as Timmy) is the giant shop dog who hangs out at wolfpack on wednesdays. I live in Cincinnati with my husband who is a high school english teacher, and our two dogs. I'm passionate about sustainability, all people being paid a living wage, supporting independent artists and woman owned businesses, and finding art and clothing that speaks to people. I LOVE wolfpack and it's an honor to be at the helm of this ship and be building this dream.
Orion Inez (they/them xe/xem) is an artist, student, and spunk aficionado over at Wolfpack! In terms of art, their work is about all things color, intimacy, and portraiture. They’re over at the shop a few days a week so don’t be afraid to talk to them about anything and everything if you come by :-). Their top five favorite things are books, films, art, goofs and making new friends. They welcome you to donate books that you don’t read anymore or even new editions, for the Wolfpack free library at the shop. you can see their work at their portfolio or follow their instagram for more updates
Emma, she/her. Emma is the daughter of immigrants with an endless appreciation for humanity and culture. Talking to people is one of Emma's absolute favorite things to do, because there is always something to learn from people through conversation. Emma is a Pre-Med major in college at the moment, and is working on starting a non-profit to help students of color get more experience in the medical field. you can usually find Emma in the shop listening to french music (she is fluent!) & working on organizing because she is very good at that. Emma is also part of the under the archway worker owned coffee cafe in Cincy.
Maya, they/them. Maya has worked for us for over three years now! They are super creative, funny, compassionate, honest, and so lovely to be around. Maya is also a creative director, stylist, & writer - you can hire them to help with your projects and see their awesome work at their website, linked here.
something important that we want to note:
when you support wolfpack, you are not only supporting me, maya, and my large hairy dogs. you are also supporting a much larger network of creatives and small business owners. this year alone wolfpack has given thousands of dollars to businesses owned by women, businesses owned by people of color, businesses run by mothers, businesses run right here in our hometown of Cincinnati. we do this not because it’s a better financial decision for our bottom line. it’s usually not. we do it because we believe it is the way to change our world. we believe money is one of the most powerful votes we have. we believe economic empowerment is the way to a more equitable future for all. the faces you see in the above photo are just a small picture of the businesses, makers, and artists we source from to bring you the collection wolfpack has to offer. we believe in supporting small businesses. if you do too, you've just found your pack.