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you might be wondering, how does wolfpack give back and work towards a more equitable future for all? we're glad you asked. here are the ways we currently work for social justice and equality, as well as transparency about our diversity & inclusion:

our team

  • wolfpack is a very small business, owned by Katherine Dalton, a white woman.
  • our current team is just Katherine, Maya, and Rachel so we are 100% women & non-binary, 66% white, 34% black, and we have one contractor (our alterations gal) who is a white woman.


Here's our 2020 year in review:



how do we give back

while buying from and hiring BIPOC is an important way for wolfpack to move the needle forward, another way is simply by giving. here are all the causes wolfpack has donated to directly & through buying from companies that give back:

  • one tree planted
  • Australian red cross
  • NAACP national chapter
  • Mortar (cincinnati organization)
  • Offset
  • the Mitakuye Foundation
  • Cincinnati GLSEN
  • National Parks Service
  • the Tribe & True foundation
  • ecologi - you can see the trees we have planted here
  • the Loveland Foundation
  • the American Association of University Woman
  • local fundraiser for a black owned business that had their windows smashed & store stolen from
  • we buy 95% of our vintage from St. Vincent de Paul which does great work in our city.
  • Oceana
  • Conservation International
  • Room to Read
  • Trevor Project
  • National Urban League
  • St. Jude's
  • Our Daily Bread
  • Save Them All


our business

at the core of our business model is a hope to do good. when we say we are ethical it means we only buy from businesses that are paying their employees a living wage, something that is sadly rare in the fashion industry that preys on people living in impoverished countries. when we say we are sustainable that means we are taking the environment into account in every step of our operations and the products we sell to you. we hope wolfpack can be a force for good in our city and in our world.


as we (hopefully) grow, we will continue to build in more measures to protect the BIPOC on our team modeled by bigger businesses like anti-racist & cultural competency trainings for our employees, diversity & inclusion hiring & marketing boards, regular anonymous surveys for our employees to report any racism or micro-aggressions they may be experiencing in the workplace, more donations & partnerships with organizations that fight for more equitable futures for all. we hope to hire more people in our city and empower more of our neighbors as we grow.