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what does wolfpack do?
we sell clothing, art, home goods & gifts that are ethical & sustainable.
what the heck does ethical mean?
when we say something at wolfpack is ethically made or ethically sourced, we are talking about the way the item is made. our number one priority is providing goods that are made by people who are being paid a living wage and working in a safe environment. that means we only work with companies that have some sort of policy against child labor, allow employees to unionize, aren't forced to work unpaid overtime, and work in safe buildings. unfortunately the fashion industry has very low standards when it comes to the treatment of the human beings in the factories who are making our clothes. at wolfpack we refuse to stand for that. did you know that 1 in 6 people work in the garment industry across the entire globe? so though the idea of people in far off countries working in factories to make your clothes may seem distant and abstract, this actually affects tons of people all over the world.  when you buy from us you can rest assured that we have done our best to bring you brands that treat their employees with respect and pay them a living wage so that they can empower their employees, not trap them in further poverty.
what does sustainable mean?
"sustainable" is kind of a hot button topic lately. and it's hard to exactly define. at wolfpack we define it like this: all the decisions we make as a business take into consideration making a lighter impact on our environment. here are some ways we do that with our clothing, art, home goods, and practices:
- clothing made by small labels, avoiding mass production and waste
- clothing made from natural fabrics, which is gentler on the earth when it's created and biodegradable at the end of the clothing's life cycle (as opposed to plastic based fabrics that won't biodegrade and will just pile up for years to come in the landfill.
- clothing made from deadstock & upcycled fabric. this helps avoid waste and gives new life to the fabric by becoming new clothes and accessories.
- our storied collection. storied is our word for secondhand & vintage. in our clothing and home section we have a "storied" collection of goods that are looking for a second life. this is truly the most sustainable way to shop because no energy or raw materials are used to create something new, and you are saving the materials from going to waste!
- sustainable lifestyle products. we are constantly adding to our collection of practical items that can help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. whether that's reusable straws, reusable to-go coffee cups, bar soap so you can ditch the plastic, or tote bags, we want to empower our customers to live a life that is gentler on our planet.
- our packaging supplies. at wolfpack we try to reuse packaging materials as often as we can. we use biodegradable materials as much as we can. we avoid plastic like the plague. we use recycled materials as often as we can. we want to make as small a footprint as we possibly can, because we want our planet to last as long as it can.
- neutralizing our carbon footprint. thanks to a new service, wolfpack now pays to neutralize the carbon emissions from each package that we send to customers through a program called offset. this adds no cost to your shipping fee, it is something we pay for monthly. we believe it is our job as a business to be responsible for our carbon footprint.
- we plant one tree for every order.
that's right. one tree for EVERY order. and we pay for it. we do that by partnering with a company called ecologi. it’s now common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees. they are also crucial to preventing ecological collapse. to plant trees Ecologi partners with The Eden Reforestation Projects which plants millions of trees around the world each month. they are currently supporting their incredible work in Madagascar, so that's where the trees we plant end up!
we are committed to sustainability and are constantly learning growing and adjusting to better hit the target. sustainability is usually not the cheaper option, so as a small business it is a lofty goal! but the more we grow, the better job we can do at caring for our planet, and we think that's a job worth doing.
what are wolfpack's goals?
we hope wolfpack can continue to grow and expand to serve more people and empower more people to make better decisions about the way they consume. here are some specific ways we hope to grow so we can better continue our mission.
- carry more size inclusive clothing.
right now we know we don't have the most inclusive sizing. we buy from very small clothing lines, and it takes a lot of money to make a lot of different sizes. but we know sustainable and ethical clothes need to be available for everyone, and one goal is to be more size inclusive as soon as we can.
- carry more men's clothing
we see you fellas! we want to offer you more than just our unisex t-shirts. we hope that as the pack grows we can provide more options for you as well.
- create our own line of clothing
we would love to invest in small designers in our city, create rad sewing jobs in our city, and be in complete control of the design process to make clothing that is as ethical and sustainable as possible. that is a long way off but we are hopeful that one day we can reach this goal!