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wolfpack alterations service

*wolfpack alterations service is currently on pause, hoping to get it back up and running soon. check back in the next month or so!

in an effort to help folks take better care of their clothes and keep their clothes longer - we've launched an in house alterations service. the longer we keep our clothes and the more wear we get out of them, the better it is for the environment. so let's keep our clothes around!
  • Rachael, our alterations specialist, is available by appointment on thursdays at wolfpack from 3:10 pm - 6 pm.
  • you can email her to set up an appointment at 
  • the alterations service is by appointment only so do not show up looking for her without an appointment.
  • she will correspond with you via email to find a time for your appointment.
  • **if that time frame doesn't work for you at all, please reach out and we can see if we can make another time work.
Rachael can help repair your clothes by mending, patching holes, reattaching buttons, or she can also fix size issues, hem skirts, take in pants, etc.
when you come in for your appointment you will meet with Rachael, bring the clothes that you intend to have altered, talk with her about what needs to be done, try on any of the clothes that may need to be fitted on you, and at the end of the appointment she will give you a time and cost estimate. the length of your appointment will vary based on how many pieces of clothing you need to discuss and/or try on for Rachael. she'll communicate with you via email about when your clothes are finished and ready to be picked up, which can be done during wolfpack's regular shop hours. you'll pay in person upon picking up your finished altered goods. 
the cost will vary depending on what is being done to the clothing, but she will try to give you an estimate during your appointment so you're not surprised by the bill. 
here is a sample menu of estimates for basic alterations:

small fix - $25 
ex: fixing holes, reattaching buttons
hems - $25 to $35 
ex: pants, dress, shirt
adjusting fit - $25 to $50 
ex: slimming shirt, adjusting waist on pants or dress
*costs may vary in special situations and added cost may be added if additional fabric is needed
**other alterations are available, just ask!
*** covid policies ***
covid policies for the alterations are the same as those for the shop. a mask is required for the entirety of the service, as mandated by the governor of ohio for the entire state of ohio. if you have covid symptoms, if you tested positive within two weeks of your appointment, if someone in your household tested positive within two weeks of your appointment, or if you are quarantining because you recently came in contact with someone who had covid, we ask that you please reschedule your appointment. Rachael is a mother of two young sons, please respect her and don't put her in danger.