set of 3 wool dryer balls

set of 3 wool dryer balls

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Skip the chemical filled and wasteful dryer sheets, for these natural fabric softener made from 100% New Zealand wool. set of three xl wool dryer balls sold package free.

These will last for over 1000 loads of laundry! Cuts dryer time by at least 20%! Chemical-free wool dryer balls reduce wrinkles, soften fabrics, and shorten drying time. just toss them in your dryer with whatever you're drying, and you can leave them in there in between! Add essential oils to the wool dryer balls to add any scent to your laundry.

dryer sheets are usually made from polyester (aka plastic) and filled with chemicals that are harmful to the environment and to you. fabric softening chemicals are usually pretty tough on your clothing too (ironically!) this is a more sustainable alternative. it helps release wrinkles, it's made from natural fiber, and it's completely compostable when you're done with it. each little decision we can make for the environment makes a big impact when we do it together.

from dot & army, a woman owned business based in Georgia.