SECONDS green yeehaw ish tee
SECONDS green yeehaw ish tee

SECONDS green yeehaw ish tee

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SECONDS SALE means this product has slight damage. it does not make the t-shirt un-wearable though! sometimes our tees get small stains or tiny misprints that make them a little less than perfect. but they're still wearable! heck we haven't even tried to get the stains out! so we're offering them to you at a major discount because sustainability is all about putting what we have to use.  no returns or exchanges or refunds will be offered on these second sale items.


there's no way to explain this one except to tell you the story behind it. my friend designed and printed this shirt for us. while doing so he decided to try to trick me into thinking the shirts I had ordered were green. he went so far in trying to deceive me that he actually printed the design onto this leprechaun green tee and texted me a photo of it. don't worry, I didn't fall for it. this shirt does exist though. so one person can get this one of a kind green shirt that will tell everyone "hey, I'm into the yeehaw lifestyle, and I also like very bright green colors". could that person be you? only time will tell.

it's a size large. 100% cotton.