hand painted notebook canyon 1
hand painted notebook canyon 1

hand painted notebook canyon 1

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here at wolfpack we love the written word. every time I go to buy a notebook it feels like I struggle to find one that is eco friendly and has a design I actually like. so we decided to start making our own notebooks. each notebook is hand painted by the owner of wolfpack, Katherine. a notebook is such a personal thing; you can use it to write out your dreams, vent out you feelings, draw & make your own art, write poetry, or even to do lists. whatever you use your notebook for, now you've got an option that is as unique as whatever you're writing. painted with thought & care just for you.

these notebooks are made in america. These perfect-bound [no snaggy staples] eco-friendly notebooks are handmade using 100% recycled carbon neutral sugarcane paper. so they are tree free! 

they are 5 x 8 inches, have 100 pages, and are unlined inside so you can really use them for anything, even your own art.


each notebook is one of a kind. if you like a style that is sold out, feel free to let us know you want more like it by signing up for restock notifications. that way we can paint more like it.