get my sh*t together notepad
get my sh*t together notepad

get my sh*t together notepad

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How many times a day do you think “I really need to get my sh*t together?” Now you can with this helpful to-do list!

8.5 x 5.5 inches


made by Neighborly Paper, a black woman owned business based In Atlanta, Georgia. more about them in their own words:

Have you heard this one? A writer and an illustrator walk into a hot apartment in Harlem. The writer says, “I want to start a greeting card line, but I can’t draw.” The illustrator says, “I’m an art director, you could just ask me to draw!” “Will you?” asked the writer. “Let’s do it,” said the illustrator.  And just like that, Neighborly Paper was born. 

We’re unapologetic, witty, and bold.  We celebrate good times, embrace awkward situations, and find the right words for days that suck.  Above all, we’re genuine and we’re committed to serving all the realness for all the occasions.