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clothing swaps are a great way to add new clothing into your wardrobe while at the same time making sure the clothes you no longer wear find a new life and don't go to waste. it's a super sustainable and cost effective way to have fun with fashion.

lots of helpful information in this description, please read thoroughly before buying your ticket and reserving your spot for this event!

here's what you need to know:

  • the swap is wednesday march 11th 6 pm - 8 pm at wolfpack (1342 Main street Cincinnati, OH)

  • you bring 5-10 gently used pieces of clothing that are taking up space in your closet and no longer getting the use they deserve

  • bring nothing damaged, stained, broken (only useable wearable items you would be happy to receive)

  • clothing, shoes, or accessories (purses, scarves, NOT jewelry) welcome. any season welcome.

  • all sizes welcome, women's* clothing, not children's.
    (please read the questions sections about letting us know what sizes you're swapping for)

  • you leave with maximum 10 pieces of clothing that is new to you!

  • the event costs $5 and space is limited

  • sustainable friend of the shop Sarah will be hosting with us and her business Sustainable Accessories will do a pop up that you can shop as well.

    *we know gendered clothing is kinda silly and we like unisex clothing at wolfpack. what we mean is don't bring 10 of your dad's old work ties because that's not really what we're looking for and that's not fair to the other participants. women are the main audience for this particular clothing swap. if you have a vintage men's gap sweater that a lady could rock, and you want to bring it, that is totally cool. but keep in mind the audience, bring things they will be able to and excited to wear.

timeline for event:

  • 6:00 pm - 6:30 arrive and set up clothing you brought

  • 6:30 swap begins. friendly considerate free swapping for all

  • 8 pm event ends.


can I arrive with my clothes after 6:30? 
yes but know that people will already be picking clothes so the clothing available you have to choose from will be less

what happens to the clothing no one takes home?
we either cycle it into our storied collection at wolfpack or it will be donated to local clothing donation center St. Vincent De Paul thrift store.

can I bring home more than ten items?
out of fairness to everyone we ask that no one bring home more than ten items.

if my clothes don't get taken home by anyone else, can I bring them back home with me?
out of fairness to everyone we ask that whatever you bring to the swap you be ready to part with for good. if it is unclaimed at the end of the night, wolfpack will be responsible for making sure it finds a second life.

can I try on clothes at the swap?
yes! wolfpack has one changing room and one bathroom that will both be available for trying on clothes you may want to bring home. we also recommend you wear leggings and a tank top so you can easily try on items in the store without fully having to change.

how do I know if there will be clothes at this swap that are in my size?
great question! when you purchase this ticket via our website there is an area in the checkout process called "notes". in the "notes" section please tell us what size clothing or shoes you will be bringing and looking for. you can say things like "bringing XXL" or "looking for pant sizes 36-40" or "bringing and looking for dress sizes 16-20" we will keep track of this in a spreadsheet. a day before the event if we notice anyone who is looking for a size that no one else is bringing we will email that person to give them a heads up. at that time if they decide they don't want to attend we can offer them a refund for their ticket. if you don't hear from us by the day of the event, assume you will find sizes you're looking for :)

what if I plan on being aggressive and rude about grabbing clothes from other swappers?
wolfpack reserves the right to ask anyone being overtly aggressive or rude about the swapping of clothes to leave. this is a fun sustainable earth conscious event for like minded folks who want to enjoy fashion responsibly. if you cannot be mature about the swapping of resources we will ask you to leave.

why am I paying five dollars for this?
great question! because we want to make sure we don't have too many people in our shop at once and make it too crowded for our swappers, this is a ticketed event. and because we want to make sure the people who sign up actually show up, we are asking you to pay. this ensures that those signed up are invested in the event. also we will be using the $5 you pay to buy refreshing drinks and snacks to make your evening more enjoyable.

if I don't show up for whatever reason, is my ticket refundable?

is there anything else I need to know?
thanks for asking! we recommend you bring your own reusable bag to bring your new items home.

can I shop at wolfpack while I'm there?
of course!

also! exciting!

this event is hosted by a sustainable fashion expert and friend of the shop Sarah of @trendsetchic and she will have a cute little pop up with her business Sustainable Accessories available to be shopped (not swapped) as well.