original clay earrings
original clay earrings

original clay earrings

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handmade from polymer clay by our employee, maya! 

these earrings are handmade - meaning they will have little bumps, lumps, scuffs, and even the artists very own fingerprints. here are wolfpack we LOVE handmade goods because those little "imperfections" are what make the piece one of a kind. they also remind us that something doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

lead free nickel free hypoallergenic posts. 


-Do not wear polymer clay earrings when applying any sort of spray deodorant, or hair/body spray.

-Do not use harsh chemicals or solvents to clean your clay earrings, as it may remove the resin layer of the clay. Use a soft cloth to wipe instead.

-Try not to drop your earrings, there is a chance it can break like any other sort of clay or glass.

-If you want to clean your earrings, use acetone and gently wipe with a cotton ball or q-tip.

maya has her own line of jewelry called maya collins goods, but she makes a line exclusively for wolfpack, making it a wolfpack original.

if you have any questions about measurements feel free to ask! we are happy to help.